Saturday, 13 November 2021

 Smile and pass it on to others.

Here are some Smiles  Room 1 created outdoors .Hope they make you happy!😎😎😊😊

                       Charlottes Smile!

                                      Alisha's Smile!

Maia's Smile

                  Arnav's Smile!

 Family, Whanau is Forever!!

Great family
pictures Room 1!

Friday, 5 November 2021

                                 Lets Celebrate Diwali!!

Room 1 had a lovely Diwali google meet with colourful Diyas and bright, happy  smiles .

Nice Diyas Charlotte!!!                             


 Being safe with sparklers Arnav!!
Arnav your light decorations are awesome  and beautiful!!

Giselle you are enjoying the glow of the diyas in the Dark.

                 Family time at Diwali!! 
  Such a special time for you Arnav!!

Wow gorgeous Maya! this is truly why Diwali is called the festival of lights!! 

You helped Nana set and light the diyas .

What a lovely brother sister photo to treasure Alisha!!

Wednesday, 3 November 2021

 Here goes Room 1 again.

Always being the best we can be.

 We were a live part of a piece of chalk art created by us.


Maia and her dog Archie!!


That's spooky Tyler!!

Great bake off Raneem !  Looks Delicious.

Giselle you are a super scientist learning about light.
Arnav this is so cool .You have the whole process in this snap shot

Halloween and light day .

Exploring Symmetry

Monday, 25 October 2021

 Learning is fun especially when we share it with others.

Charlotte this is so pretty .It Matches your jumper!!
Learning about Condensation

I can see lots of shapes around your house

Nice work on shapes Mariana!!

Looks like Ezri is being a super Scientist!

Charlotte has created a shape maze

Tyler made Sonic and the bad guy out of Lego and wanted to show us.
Planting strawberries πŸ“
Maia is learning about the Water cycle by making a picture of it.
Great Learning Alisha 

Illy is enjoying the outdoors in her mums garden.
Look what Lily and Kayla found in their backyard.